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Hand trucks TagAlongDolly.Com fold down panel hand truck Fold down panel hand truck Find us on Facebook http Tag Along Dolly was created to solve a problem. I had a large TV and luggage to move from Florida to Virginia last year. I needed a hand truck to move the TV because I had to park about a block away from our destination in Virginia. All of this cargo would not fit inside my Chevy Equinox which already had a class II hitch receiver. So I welded an attachment to my hand truck and made the hitch mount. It worked great on a 2000 mile round trip. When I got back home I filed the patent and Tag Along Dolly was born! Since we were already partnered with Granite Industries on two other inventions, they were the natural choice to bring this product to market. They already had a division, American Cart and Equipment, producing hand trucks. In October 2011 we joined forces to offer four versions of their hand trucks as Tag Along Dollys. Granite Industries is a leading manufacturer of scaffolding and other related construction products. Their reputation for producing high quality products is well deserved. We are proud to be able to say that our commercial grade hand trucks are made in the USA!

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