Video - Malev Hungarian Airlines onboard the Tupolev Tu134 & Tu154

Videa Praga RND Malev Hungarian Airlines onboard the Tupolev Tu134 & Tu154

Malev Hungarian Airlines onboard the Tupolev Tu134 & Tu154 Join airline videographer Henry Tenby in January, 1995, for a round-trip flight between Budapest and Prague, aboard Malev Tu-143 HA-LBR. Malev's Tupolev Tu-134s were retired shortly thereafter, and this DVD presents the viewer with the ultimate onboard experience of flying on this classic Russian short-haul jetliner. Seated in the back row for both Tupolev Tu134 flights, where the engine noise is at its loudest, you'll also sample Malev's onboard service, and visit the flight-deck. The Tupolev Tu134's howling Solovyev D-30 turbofan engines provide a truly magnificent flight experience. A music to the ears, which no current-day western aircraft can compete with! Once back in Budapest, we'll fly aboard Malev's Tupolev Tu154 HA-LCO on the busy Budapest-London sector, sampling the comforts of Tupolev Tu154 flying, from both the passenger cabin and the flight deck. Malev's Tu154s were also retired in the mid-90s. Lastly, we'll sample a Budapest take-off in a Malev Boeing 737-200. The interior footage is complemented with exterior footage, and scenes from both Budapest and Prague airports, making this one hour DVD a must for any fan of Soviet-built aircraft.

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